Lewiston Homestead Exemption

Good News For Taxpayers: State FY 2017 Homestead Exemption Will Increase to $15,000

The State of Maine Homestead Exemption will be increasing from $10,000 to $15,000 for the fiscal 2017 tax year. This change will be reflected in this year’s August tax bill.

The Lewiston Assessor’s Office is encouraging homeowners who reside in Lewiston, and who are not currently receiving the Homestead Exemption, to apply by April 1, 2016. Applications are available on the Assessing Department page of the City of Lewiston Website or at the Assessor’s Office on the second floor at Lewiston City Hall, 27 Pine Street. Homeowners who are currently receiving the exemption will see the increase automatically and do not need to re-apply.

Download the application form here: www.lewistonmaine.gov/homesteadexemption

Feel free to contact the Assessor’s Office at (207) 513-3122, ext. 3206 with any questions.

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